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When I left home, my friend Beth and I packed my little red Toyota Tercel to the brink and pointed the car south to LA. Because we could, we made a slight turn to hit Las Vegas (Viva Las Vegas!) on the way. We got back on the road the next day a little bleary, Prince blasting, windows down, only to realize after a few hours of talking and dreaming that we'd taken the wrong exit and had been headed east. And were briefly on Route 66. And it was amazing. Looking at the map, we made a quick decision - to keep going. And we did, we took two weeks to travel the country, sleeping on park benches at rest stops, seeing places we'd never been, visiting friends in Florida and New York, even travelling to Montreal to see the church where by some coincidence both our parents had been married. A new mantra was born: "No Wrong Turns". Wherever we went, whichever exit we took, we learned something new. I also learned a valuable lesson which has stuck with me, which is that if you want to do something, you mostly just need the courage to do it.

With that in mind, and years of hairpin turns and adventures in music across this globe in my pocket, I've reached the next stop on this journey and join the ranks of Small Business Women-Owners with the launch of my own company, CALIO MUSIC.

When we finally did make it to LA, I accepted a job in the mailroom at the rapidly expanding and well-respected Geffen Records and was able to advance into a senior role leading sales and marketing in the International department. I found family working alongside the best label executives and artist managers in the business, and with artists from Guns N’ Roses to Nirvana and Beck, and legendary greats from Joni Mitchell and Cher to Aerosmith. The changes we experienced over those years were immense, as physical formats and retail changed dramatically, and promotional formulas that had held true for years were turned upside down and reinvented.

I came home to Seattle married, with two baby girls, and a job at Microsoft in music at a time when the ground was falling under the feet of the traditional music business and the tide of technology in media was rising. We were charting new paths, exploring unknown territory, and those exciting and tumultuous days provided unique opportunities to innovate and experiment. Despite a major culture gap and deep distrust between labels and technology companies, we found ways at Windows, MSN, and Xbox to partner with curious artists and labels and to bring to market new digital music formats and business models, and to promote music discovery and services to a broad audience.

Over the years, my constant travelling companions have been Music and Change. Each year, each quarter, each month there have been advances and evolutions that challenge the status quo and require that participants in the music and technology businesses lean forward to take in the landscape whirring past, or better yet, build it. And at the core, always, there is the song and a deep love for music.

With respect for the past and a thrill for the future, I’m excited to throw my sail to the wind. My experience with one foot in the music business in Hollywood and one foot in technology and digital media in Redmond gives me the perspective and background to offer help, whether your company needs to define your vision, build a strategy, identify targets and business models, execute against goals, help managing a project or to build and maintain partnerships and relations. I’m looking forward to working with friends and new partners to keep bringing music and the arts to modern consumers. Because.


The Beatles

Because the world is round it turns me on
Because the world is round, ah

Because the wind is high it blows my mind
Because the wind is high, ah

Love is old, love is new
Love is all, love is you

Because the sky is blue, it makes me cry
Because the sky is blue, ah



 The road near Alpbach close to the birth place of my Mother and Grandmother.

The road near Alpbach close to the birth place of my Mother and Grandmother.

Thank you to colleagues and friends for your support! More to come in the next days and weeks about the exciting projects I'm working on.

You can now reach me at, via my website at, and for those of you coming to Nashville next week for Music Biz, I hope to see you there.


Special thanks to Donna Cohen for her help bringing CALIO MUSIC assets and sites to life!

Donna Cohen

I have decades of experience creating and producing online marketing. I left the corporate world to work independently with people who need help establishing and maintaining their online presence. Not everyone knows how, has the aptitude, or time to learn how to use online marketing tools, and nor should they have to try. Those people who need help and/or don't want an in-house marketing team work with me. Each client has different needs, goals and expectations. I do custom work for each of my clients. I get to know each person and know their voice, their style, rhythm and budget. 

I have a large skill set that covers the range of tasks for online marketing. It is both easy and cost efficient to work directly with me. I can get the whole job done. 

Website Design, Build and Optimization, SEO, Keywords, Hashtags, PhotoShop, Email Marketing and Newsletters - Mailchimp, Google Forms (Registration & Surveys), Survey Monkey, SquareSpace, Wordpress, Square, Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr, PowerPoint, Acrobat, Facebook Ads, Pinterest, Instagram, Word, ePub, Excel, Audience Development, and more.

Book Production; Print and eBook, Design, coding, Marketing and building Audiences.